Classic SnapSkirt Navy Floral [Size 1]

Classic SnapSkirt Navy Floral [Size 1]


Our SnapSkirts are adjustable wrap skirts but unlike other more traditional wrap skirts we use a stable snap element to secure the waistband and eliminate the need for constant readjustments while being worn.  Wrap skirts are wonderful for their versatility but without a stable closure they often bunch up or start looking sloppy throughout the day.  Not with a SnapSkirt!  Once you secure it closed it stays put all day long. Also a SnapSkirt doesn't look like a wrap skirt. There is no sash so no need to figure out where in the world to tie the knot (or, dear god, the bow)!! 

Great for fluctuating waistlines our SnapSkirts easily accommodate for both changes in weight and changes in style.  Snap it high for a nipped in silhouette or low for more casual, bohemian look.  Perfect for pregnancy the SnapSkirt can grow with you through the second trimester easily snapping beneath your belly and then transitioning back after giving birth.

Classic Length: 19"

Size 1 (2-12 or 25-32" waist)

Our SnapSkirts are each made by hand in our Stay Sharp Brooklyn studio.  Slow fashion, minimal waste and livable wages are standards that we strive to adhere to with each piece of clothing we create.  To find out more about our philosophy and who we are please follow us on Instragram @flirtbrooklyn.

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